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Generous Giving

Selected Articles:

Make Money Serve Your Joy
source: Desiring God

Financial Investors Put Faith in Religion-Based Investing
More advisers help clients coordinate their financial and spiritual lives.
source: Wall Street Journal

Digital Tools That Teach Children About Philanthropy
source: Wall Street Journal

How to Talk to Children About Family Wealth
source: Wall Street Journal

Charity Can Count Toward Your IRA Withdrawal
Charitably minded IRA owners can make their required withdrawals and do good at the same time
source: Wall Street Journal

How To Raise Your Child To Be a Philanthropist
Experts advise to start talking to children about philanthropy when they’re young and continue to have those discussions as they grow.
source: Wall Street Journal

Family Foundations: Millennials Take Charge
How the younger generation is teaching their elders to be better philanthropists.
source: Barron’s


Executive Summary: God and Money

“The key to liberation from the power of materialism is not an exodus from culture – abandoning Wall Street or leaving the wealth of the nation to others – but the grace of giving . . . Givers for God disarm the power of money. They invite God’s grace to flow through them.”

Kent Hughes