The PCPC Foundation funds Gospel-based initiatives aligned with the vision and mission of PCPC, enhancing ministry and mission beyond the normal operating budget.

Projects which the Foundation would consider funding must meet the following broad criteria:

  • Projects must be evangelical Christian ministries whose theological commitments are consistent with PCPC’s commitment to the authority of Scripture and to the propagation of the Gospel.
  • Projects would allow PCPC to make significant steps forward in strategic areas of ministry expansion, which would not otherwise be possible.

If a donor to the Foundation specifically requests that their gift be used for a particular purpose within the criteria described above, the Board of Trustees will use its best efforts to honor that request. However, the Trustees do reserve the right to use such gifts for other appropriate purposes of the Foundation.

Tax-deductible contributions can be made in a variety of ways. Choosing the right plan for giving depends on your assets, needs, intentions, and age. Each gift – large or small – is valued. Each is a symbol of your legacy to future generations. Please take a few moments to consider these giving opportunities:

Gifts With an Income Retained

A life income gift allows a portion of the income from the investment to be paid back to you and your spouse (or other beneficiaries) regularly for a term of years or for the rest of your lives. After term or lifetime commitments to beneficiaries are satisfied, the principal becomes available for use by the Foundation for a program you may designate. Within certain limitations, you may decide what the annual payment to you will be; based on your need and the size of the asset you donate. The immediate income tax deduction is based on the size of the annual payment and the number and ages of beneficiaries.

Gifts With an Income to the Foundation

Gifts generating an income to the Foundation can provide significant income and estate tax benefits for the donor. Assets are placed in trust for a period of years, with a specified amount of income being paid to the Foundation each year. Income earned through the trust and paid to the Foundation is excluded from your taxable income. Appreciation in the original value of the gift will pass to your heirs after a specified time with favorable tax benefits.

Gifts Made Through Your Will

A bequest naming the Foundation as the recipient of a portion of your estate may produce sizable savings to your heirs in income and estate taxes. You may designate a specific amount or a percentage of your adjusted gross estate, establish a trust with income retained for someone you name, or give a gift of income to the Foundation with assets passing to your heirs after a specified time.

We hope that you will consider making a gift to the Foundation. At your request, a board member of the Foundation will be happy to consult with you personally about gift opportunities advantageous to you. We also encourage you to consult your legal and financial advisers to learn more about the specific advantages of any contribution to the Foundation that you may be considering.


Park Cities Presbyterian Church Foundation

Mailing Address:
3419 Westminster Ave #333
Dallas, TX 75205

Each gift, large or small, is valued. Each is a symbol of your legacy to future generations.

The Foundation assumes no responsibility for your giving plan. We recommend you seek advice from your legal and financial advisers.