Dear PCPC Family,

We all know it when it happens, yet it is hard to put in words.

It’s the smile in your heart when given a sincere “thank you.”

It’s the audible “yes” when you’ve done it right.

It’s the laughter in watching a friend or child open your gift, clutch it to heart and say, “it’s exactly what I wanted.”

It’s the pleasure of a satisfied heart.

This is what God feels when we give with laughter and gladness.

Yet so often it’s done out of responsibility or pressure.

How do we move to eager, happy generosity, the anticipation of making a real difference?

This is what the PCPC Foundation is about.

There is no ask – only receiving.

Joyful generosity comes from wise stewardship, family involvement and fruitful results. Generosity makes God’s Kingdom grow. It extends His transforming presence.

“The world of the generous gets larger and larger . . . “ -Eugene Peterson

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.



Pete Deison

PCPC Foundation President