The Foundation is dedicated to coming alongside and supporting the church members and its friends in becoming wise and joyful managers of God’s provisions for the journey toward heaven.

It is a vehicle and a service to help you walk through this world, and seeks nothing for itself, but rather offers Biblical guidance.

First, a foundation is a third place one should think of placing assets. The first is your tithe and offering to the church. The second is toward the needs of your family and yourself. Third, a foundation exists for the extra blessings that God brings into our lives. These gifts need to be connected to your purpose.

In addition, God’s Kingdom is often wider than just the church. Many para-church ministries and crisis-driven ministry opportunities touch our hearts for valid reasons; such as friends, personal involvement, or pressing needs.

Therefore, the Foundation was created to offer the following values:

  • Focused giving to specific ministries (designated giving)
  • Anonymous giving
  • Freedom to move from reactive giving to life-directed, heartfelt giving
  • A way to involve your family and pass down the value of generosity
  • A way to support special church desires with long-term or planned giving
  • A way to take advantage of tax provisions